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Tactical Field Operations


Never before have real-time situational awareness capabilities been so critical to tactical operations.  With advanced satellite and UAV imagery, tactical commanders can assess terrain, structures, and objects of interest more quickly and accurately than ever before, providing the basis for advanced in-theatre tactical execution.

With true 3D image creation and visualization, 3D Planeta brings the next level of visual fidelity to operations command centers and in the field.  It delivers ground-breaking 3D analytics that significantly increases the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making.

Current 3D technologies simply interpret 2D imaging data to create a simulated 3D terrain. Our Helixx-3D image fusion engine generates the world’s first true 3D images by fusing existing 2D satellite and/or UAV images.

Combined with our Navec-3D™ platform, tactical assault or defence positioning decisions can be made with visual information never before available.  With Navec’s Line-of-Sight (LOS) and distance measurement capabilities, operators can position tactical assets at key locations (rooftops, ground positions, in-structure vantage points) and immediately see line-of-sight restrictions to targets caused by buildings, land masses, natural canopy (trees, shrubbery) and terrain elevation.  Critical positioning decisions can be made in a fraction of the time required by traditional intelligence methods, with higher accuracy and lower risk, increasing the safety of human assets on the ground.

Disaster Management


Landslides, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters impact large numbers of civilians and massive areas of terrain.  Just-in-time assessment of impacted terrain and civilian occupation is critical to emergency measures operations.  Civilian aid provision and extraction operations are often hampered by compromised terrain, especially in remote regions.

Current technologies only provide the capability to visualize impacted terrain in 2D, providing only some of the image fidelity required to make critical tactical dispatch decisions.

Our Helixx-3D™ image fusion engine generates the world’s first true 3D images from existing 2D satellite and/or UAV images.  Coupled with our Navec-3D™ visualization platform, operations command centers can visualize terrain and structures in true 3D, with tools to help them assess distance between tactical points, line-of-sight from vantage points, and 3D terrain markup for team-based planning.

With our Arus-2D™ change detection engine, command operators can quickly visually identify impacted terrain and structures, without having to resort to human visual scanning or low-fidelity change detection technologies available in today’s marketplace.

Lives are saved when rescue resources are dispatched to the right place at the right time. 3D Planeta’s terrain visualization products put capabilities in the hands of disaster operations centers that have never before been available, providing critical decision support, saving lives and mitigating danger for rescue operators.

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