True 3D Aerial Image Fusion

The Helixx-3D™ fusion engine is the next generation in 3D aerial image fusion. Using 2D aerial images from multiple satellite and/or UAV sources, Helixx fuses them to generate the world’s first true 3D aerial images.  

Our ground-breaking technology brings unprecedented levels of fidelity and depth to terrain, structures, and objects of interest, and provides seamless coverage of the Earth.

The technology behind the Helixx engine is world-leading.  It is the result of over 8 years of research and development from the same labs that developed ground-breaking technologies used by Google™ to deliver StreetView™ and hi-resolution color satellite images, and our Arus-2D™ image change detection engine.


Our Navec-3D™ visualization platform brings these 3D images to life on a multitude of emerging glass and glassless 3D-viewing hardware technologies, along with advanced decision support tools.

Find out more about how Navec-3D brings 3D terrain visualization to command centers and field operators.

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