True 3D Aerial Image Visualization

Our Navec-3D™ visualization platform provides unprecedented awareness of terrain, structures and objects of interest in our 3D aerial images.  With 3D images generated by our Helixx-3D™ engine, Navec provides operators and analysts the ability to assess the terrain in true 3D, with the following capabilities:

Pan & Zoom

  • Our 3D fidelity and accuracy is maintained throughout the zoom spectrum across the globe.

Line-of-Sight (LOS)

  • Full 360-degree radial assessment of visual line of sight from any point on the terrain, at any altitude
  • Accounts for obstructions such as land, structures, and natural canopy (trees, shrubbery)

Distance Measurement

  • Instant distance measurement from any point on the terrain to any other point, at any zoom level
  • Accounts for elevation changes between source and target points


  • Multiple layers of 3D terrain markup, for coordinated team assessment

Navec runs on the world’s leading 3D display hardware platforms, in both glasses and glasses-free formats.

Navec capability can be integrated into industry-leading GIS and terrain visualization platforms, providing enhanced visualization capabilities.

Navec works with 3D terrain images fused by our Helixx-3D fusion engine.

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